Student event: Accelerate your development in Consulting & Finance

April 16th 17:00-21:00: Join our event and learn how feedback sessions and personal development goals are part of our culture!

Meet us and explore how you can develop at 3Shape

🗸Learn how we use development frameworks based on top tier consultancies 🗸Build and enhance your network 🗸Hear what it takes to steer a fast-growing company and how we tell the stories behind the numbers 🗸Experience what value an internship gives you

Q&A, reflections and advise from current and previous interns in 3Shape 🎉
Experience how we incorporate personal development into how we work🌱
Learn what it's like to be a strategic adviser ensuring data driven decisions and recommendations. 👩‍💼
Product demonstration with 3Shape's award-winning 3D scanners that disrupt the dental industry globally 🚀
Dinner, drinks & mingling 🥙


The event will be hosted by 3Shape's CFO Kristian Krag, April 16th, 17:00-21 at 3Shape, Niels Juels Gade 13.

Anne Sofie’s journey from Finance over HR to Marketing

Anne Sofie started as an intern in Finance, then she became a student assistant in HR, and today she is a junior project manager in Marketing. A truly exciting career! 

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