We solve real life medical problems with high performance cloud computing

3Shape has embarked an exciting cloud journey to build world-class digital workflows for dental professionals and patients. Join us and apply your technical skills to improve people’s lives through advanced technology and cloud native solutions!

Being first movers in cloud migration is fun and challenging

Hear why 3Shape software architects love to work with cloud at 3Shape. ☁️

We use a variety of languages, frameworks and technologies to solve complex problems...

Our tech stack enables us to build 'cool stuff' that wasn't around yesterday. This means working with e.g.:

Microsoft Azure ◽ AWS ◽ c# ◽ c++ ◽ Angular ◽ .Net Core ◽ Azure Event Grid and Event Hub ◽ Helm ◽ Kubernetes ◽Docker ◽ Terraform ◽ Computational Geometry ◽ Image Processing ◽ Machine Learning ◽ Tensorflow ◽ GPGPU ◽ CUDA ◽ Automatic Testing ◽ DevOps ◽ 

...while sharpening our minds and skills as developers and as an organization

We develop both on our own and together. We commit to challenging each other through our very own technical guilds and the ‘R&D Academy’ where you can expect to be challenged by other bright minds and contributing with your own unique skillset. When on our own - we dig deep into PluralSight, Egghead or expand knowledge through local conferences like GOTO CPH.

Innovation Day – a way for us to test crazy new ideas and refine existing ones...

We have fun, meet new colleagues and work to realize exciting ideas and new technology during innovation days!Get a sneak peek from the last Innovation Day in Ukraine in this video, and visit our Youtube channel for more videos showing life at 3Shape.



Our biggest assets are our people and culture 💗

Life at 3Shape is great! We bring passion and talent to work every day to innovate for superior patient care. 3Shape is built on a culture of thinking differently and being innovative when solving challenges. We embrace new ways to exchange ideas with colleagues across departments and think and work in an agile way. Experience the everyday #lifeat3Shape across the globe on Facebook. 


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