Full Stack Developer

🤝 We are looking for purpose-driven Full Stack Developers to join our teams! Become part of the 3Shape journey 🚀

​Do you love developing software?

... Especially software that makes a difference by helping medical professionals in their daily job? Are you looking for a team where you get both the responsibility and the support that will take your skills to the next level? Then we might be the place for you 👨‍💻👩‍💻

3Shapers are entrepeneurs, challengers and innovators

3Shape develops 3D scanners and software solutions that enable medical professionals to treat more people, more effectively and with superior care. We are a global market-leading provider of dental and audio technology for laboratories and clinics. Creating great innovation requires diverse teams. Our growing talent pool of over 1,600 employees spans 35+ nationalities and is energized by knowing that together, we contribute to a better world. 3Shapers are entrepreneurs, challengers and innovators… values that are at the heart of everything we do.

You are important to us from day one

We develop both on our own and together. We commit to challenging each other through our very own technical guilds and '3Shape R&D Academy’ where you can expect to be challenged by other bright minds and contributing with your own unique skillset.

"When a colleague joins 3Shape, they can expect that they will be included in all parts of the process from day one! It does not matter if it is your first day. Your voice will be heard as much as everybody else's. I think that is really great"

- Jiri Korinek, Software Architect, Dental Platform 

Full stack positions

Our tech stack enables us to build 'cool stuff' that wasn't around yesterday. This means working with e.g.:

 Microsoft Azure ◽ AWS ◽ c# ◽ c++ ◽ Angular ◽ .Net Core ◽ Azure Event Grid and Event Hub ◽ Helm ◽ Kubernetes ◽Docker ◽ Terraform ◽ Computational Geometry ◽ Image Processing ◽ Machine Learning ◽ Tensorflow ◽ GPGPU ◽ CUDA ◽ Automatic Testing ◽ DevOps ◽ 

Full Stack Software Engineer - Medical Software
You will join a skilled and motivated team, currently building next generation of automation-software for our large Orthodontic manufacturing customers. Young and international, the team is passionate about, and regularly work with, a wide range of technologies, from microservices in the cloud to realistic shaders on 3D models, and it strives, through continuous improvements, to honor best-practices of agile software development processes.

Full Stack Software engineer - Medical software

Azure Full Stack Developer
We are working on our next generation software for handling licensing, deployment, payment, and billing. The solution will be servicing tens of thousands of dental professionals worldwide and is a vital part of our future offerings. We have dedicated team rooms allowing for collaboration and creativity. A typical day starts with stand-up meeting and everyone is aligned on direction and status. You will be part of all steps of the agile process including analysis, design, and implementation.

Azure Full Stack Developer

Senior Software Developer
On this team you will be involved in cloud-based software development. The team is responsible for the full lifecycle of the project, from design through development to deployment and operations.  Most of the work is on back-end and integration. One of your responsibilities will be to spar with seniors and juniors on the team, as well as collaborate with other projects and products throughout the 3Shape portfolio. We develop our services and API’s in C# running in the cloud in Microsoft Azure using Docker and Kubernetes. 

You will function as senior developer and preferably also engage in architect discussions and decisions. 

Senior Software Developer

C# Cloud Developer 
We are looking for a new colleague to strengthen the development team, particularly to work on a cloud native version of our data storage and transfer engine. The data may vary from small json documents to giant 3D x-ray files, and the solution will be used worldwide by tens of thousands of users daily. The team will be responsible for the full stack of the project, from design to deployment and operations. 

We are in the exciting starting stage of the project where the solution is taking shape. This means you will have a large impact on all decisions regarding design, development and operations. We are collaborating closely with other project teams across the 3Shape portfolio to get the best possible end result for the users. 

C# Cloud Developer

 C# Developer
We are working on our next generation data storage and replication solution that will help dentists do smart sharing and collaboration on data. The solution will integrate with the large portfolio of 3Shape dental software for diagnostics and treatment of patients. We work with complex data management, security, cloud services and network orchestration, and we are implementing back-end solutions on both the cloud and client side. The data may vary from small json documents to giant 3D x-ray files. This is a new project being built on the latest C# and .net versions, and without a lot of old legacy spaghetti code – and we do our best to keep it that way.

C# Developer

Our values

Our 8 values are the foundation of how we work together. They are key beliefs that every employee can use for guidance.

We want to make a difference. Our efforts enable people across the world to enjoy better lives.
We use and create the latest technology, and always challenge to do things smarter. We are curious, experiment and do things that can't be done!
The best solutions are easy for our customers to use and help them grow their business. Take a user perspective, and all else will follow.
We are ambitious, in everything we do. We always enter the field to 'steal the show' with best-in-class products.
We believe the best results are achieved by empowering the people and teams closest to the action.
Take responsibility, trust your own decisions, speak up, take initiative.. be active in making 3Shape brilliant!
Take intelligent risks, chase opportunities, slay obstacles, learn from mistakes... while moving fast as true entrepreneurs!
We are not looking for crazy, but a touch of wacky goes a long way while we do serious business. In the team, across functions, around the world - as one family!

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